Sunday, May 10, 2015

Berry Vegan Smoothie Popsicles for Kids

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My daughter LOVES making and eating popsicles.  A variety of make-your-own popsicle molds are readily available on-line (try or check your local department store.  Some are now made with silicon, which is wonderfully flexible, dishwasher-friendly, and easy to use.

The following recipe is very kid friendly because of its flexibility.  To include my daughter in the popsicle-making process, I simply gather all of the ingredients on the kitchen counter and then ask her to add each one to the blender.  As long as all the basic elements of the smoothie base are included, the popsicles turn out great!  Because of this, you can allow your child to add a little more of one thing or less of another (allowing them to use their own creativity and intuition), without worry that the recipe will "flop"!

  • Your favorite vegan milk:  sprouted rice milk, almond milk, coconut milk, etc. (around 1/2 c.)
  • Orange juice (around 1/2 c.) 
  • Fresh or frozen banana (1-2) 
  • Berries (1/4-1/2 c.) 
  • Spinach (optional):  My daughter calls these "leaves" and always likes to add a couple, because she sees me add a ton to my smoothies daily!  Children are more sensitive to the bitter taste than adults, however, so she has learned to add just a few- to suit her taste. 
 Directions:  Blend until smooth.  Then, pour the smoothie into the popsicle molds, freeze, and serve when solid. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cafe Manna's Raw Tacos (Brookfield, Wisconsin)

Raw Tacos from Cafe Manna
I am a fairly frequent visitor of one of the only vegetarian restaurants in Wisconsin... the lovely Cafe Manna.  This cafe, located in Brookfield, offers multiple raw vegan dishes, as well as a variety of delicious vegetarian fare.  

Other than the raw tacos, I highly recommend their Limonade beverage- a limey twist on lemonade, made with fresh kale, lime and agave.  For dessert, try the chef's chocolate bites.  This chocolate treat comes with a seasonal berry sauce, and the creamy chocolate treats are actually made with avocado!  

Visit to check them out! 

Question of the Day:  
What is your favorite place to get healthy meals out on the town?  

Monday, April 27, 2015

Why Seek Health?

When answering this question, there are the obvious answers...
- for physical comfort on a daily basis
- freedom from lifestyle-related diseases (which are actually most!) 
- to have plenty of energy in order to accomplish all of your goals and enjoy life fully
- for longevity

What transcends these goals, however, is the implications of the fact that your body is the window through which you see the world.  Thus, when you change your body through deep detoxification and eating high life force foods- when you bring it to a higher vibrational level- your personal world changes.  You see things more clearly and more vividly. Direct perception of the aliveness of the world and the interconnectedness of all things & beings becomes a visceral reality to you. 

I leave you with the following quotation that so succinctly states this truth:  From the Essene Gospel of Peace, Book 4: 

“First shall the Son of Man seek Peace with his own body, for his body is as a mountain pond that reflects the sun when it is still and clear; but when it is full of mud and stones, it reflects nothing.”

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Raw Vegan Cinnamon Rolls with Vanilla Frosting and Caramel Raisin Filling

Cinnamon Rolls with Coconut Frosting and Caramel Raisin Filling: 
makes 6-7 servings Adapted from a recipe @ This Rawesome Vegan Life Blog.  


3/4 cup almond meal
3/4 cup ground flax seeds
3/4 cup raisins 
3/4 cup dates
Pinch of salt (optional)
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 tablespoon water
Dash of cinnamon 

coconut frosting:

1 heaping cup young coconut meat
3 tablespoons melted coconut oil
4 tablespoons raw agave syrup (or other preferred sweetener) 
3/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 tablespoons lemon juice
Water, as needed

caramel raisin filling:

1 cup dates
1/4-1/2 cup coconut water 
Cinnamon powder, to taste
1/4 cup raisins

To make the dough: pulse the almond meal and ground flax in your food processor until they become a rough flour. Add the rest of the ingredients and process until it all begins to stick together. Roll the dough into a square about 1/4-1/2 cm thick.

To make the frosting: blend all the ingredients together until it's smooth and drizzly. Set aside.

To make the cinnamon caramel filling: blend all the ingredients together - except the raisins - until smooth and thick like a paste. Set aside.

Cut the dough into strips and spread the filling evenly on each one, then sprinkle on the raisins and gently roll the strips up. Cover with the frosting and celebrate your healthy creation!

I enjoyed these treats immensely!  And, I enjoyed knowing that they were incredibly nourishing as well.  Read more about dates on my previous post, "10 Reasons to Make a Snack Date with a Date."


Monday, February 23, 2015

Starperson Message on the Illusion of Perfectionism

"Please let go of perfectionism.  It is an illusion.  Nothing is ever perfect because the universe is in a state of constant evolution.  Instead, make your goal perfect evolution- staying so "in the flow" that you evolve at the speed of creation, into greater and greater resonance with the in-breath and out-breath of the Divine."

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Love & Longevity: A Valentine's Day Reflection on the Link


Since it's nearly Valentine's Day and love is in the air, I thought it appropriate to reflect on how love affects one's health.  There are many ways in which love (or loving relationships) correlate with improved health.  One consistent finding among research studies is that there is a strong link between love and longevity

Here are some interesting findings about love and health:

º  It was found that having strong social relationships predicts a 50% increased chance of longevity.

º  The attitude with with which we engage in relationships predicts a longer and healthier life. Research shows that the greatest benefits for longevity and well-being come not from receiving love but rather from giving love to others.

º  A new study on loving-kindness meditation - a practice that involves generating love and benevolence towards others - shows that people who practice generating love on a regular basis have reduced cellular aging (telomere length).

Neuropsychiatrist from the University of Caiforia, Los Angeles, Daniel J. Siegel, commented on recently discussed groundbreaking work in the longevity field at a conference held at the school's campus.  Reflecting on this information shared, he said, "Scientific studies of longevity, medical and mental health, happiness and even wisdom, point to supportive relationships as the most robust predictor of these positive attributes in our lives across the lifespan." 


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Monday, December 29, 2014

An Angelic Message on Manifestation for the New Year

When you create, create from your heart.  Every intention that comes from the heart serves all of life.  As humanity moves toward manifesting from the heart-level on a global scale, Earth will feel more and more like Heaven...

Image Source:  The Global Enlightenment Network